pay packet

pay packet
pay packet ˈpay ˌpacket also ˈpay ˌenvelope , ˈwage ˌpacket noun [countable]
1. an envelope containing a worker's pay and a pay slip:

• Workers earning £150 a week or more will receive just over £5 extra in their weekly pay packets.

2. ECONOMICS the amount of money which workers receive:

• Increasing taxation will hit everyone's paypacket.

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pay packet UK US noun [C] (UK
(US paycheck) WORKPLACE the amount of money that a person earns: »

Investors were outraged when the former chief executive's pay packet rose 75% to £475,000.

(US pay envelope) HR an envelope that contains the money that someone has earned: »

At first, the jump from the Friday pay packet to the monthly pay cheque can create what seems like two or three weeks of cash starvation.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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